Tamora (Apricot)(zone 5)(3'x3')(highly scented)(grafted)

Bathsheba (Apricot)(zone 45(10' climber)(very scented myrrh)(own root)

Munstead Wood (Deep Crimson)(zone 5)(3'x2.5')(very scented)(own root)

Tess of the d'Ubervilles (Crimson)(zone 5)(6'x5' or climb 10')(scented)(own root)

The Ancient Mariner(Pink)(zone 5)(5'x3')(very scented)(own root)

Wollerton Old Hall (apricot)(zone5)(5'x3' or climb)(highly scented)(own root)

St Swithun (Soft Pink)(zone 4)(5'x4' or climb 8')(highly scented)(own root)

Crown Princess Margareta(Orange)(zone4)(5'x5' or climb 9')(high scented)(OwnR)

Graham Thomas (Rich Yellow)(zone5)(5'x4' or climb 12')(high scented)(Own Root)

Clair Austin (Creamy White)(zone5)(4.5'x4' or climb 8')(highly scented)(Own Root)


All dressed up (med pink)(grandiflora)(zone 4-5)(5'x4')(light scent)(grafted)

Arctic Blue (Lavender Pink)(floribunda)(zone5)(4.5'x3.5')(fruity scent)(grafted)

Celestial Night (Rich Plum)(zone4)(floribunda)(4'x3')(subtle scent)(grafted)

Easy Spirit (White)(Floribunda)(zone5)(4')(fragrant)(grafted)

Lady in Red(Dark Red)(zone4)(climber)(strong rose/fruit scent)(grafted)

Anna's Promise (Gold/Pink Bicolor)(grandiflora)(zone5)(4'x3')(spicy scent)(grafted)

Ketchup & Mustard (Red/yellow reverse)(zone6)(floribunda)(mild scent)(grafted)

Blue Girl (Silver Lavender)(Hybrid Tea)(zone5-6)(3')(fragrant)(grafted)

Parade Day (Pink/White swirl)(Grandiflora)(zone5)(48")(spicy citrus scent)(grafted)

Wild Blue Yonder (Lavender)(Grandiflora)(5')(Fragrant)(grafted)

Ebb Tide (Deep Purple)(Floribunda)(zone5)(3')(Clove scent)(Grafted)

Frida Kahlo (Gold/Red Bicolor)(Floribunda)(zone4)(3'x3')(light scent)(grafted)

George Burns (Red/Yellow)(Floribunda)(zone3)(3')(very fragrant)(grafted)

Lava Flow (Dark Red)(Floribunda)(zone4)(3'x4')(light scent)(grafted)

Pumpkin Patch (Caramel Orange)(Floribunda)(zone5)(3'x3')(fragrant)(grafted)

Joseph's Coat (Yellow/Orange Blend)(Climber 10')(zone 5)(slight scent)(grafted)

Oranges N Lemons (Orange/Yellow Bicolor)(zone5)(6')(moderate scent)(grafted)

At Last
Canada Blooms
Felicite Perpetue
Ghislaine de Feligonde
Hope for Humaniy
Lotty's Love
Never Alone
Oso Easy Cherry Pie
Oso Easy Lemon Zest
Oso Easy Paprika
Pimpinellifolia Maigold
Vigorosa Apricot
Vigorosa Innocencie
Vigorosa Ruby

Rosa rugosas
Purple Pavement
Scarlet Pavement
Sir Thomas Lipton
Snow Pavement